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Thursday, 13 May 2021 10:43


2021 has been a HUGELY successful year four our clients.  Presenters have landed contracts with the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and have been signed up by top agents.  

We've also seen our clients land some incredible meetings with TV Channels as we help and advise them on who to contact - new clients are currently in discussions with commissioners about presenting their own shows from documentaries to factual formats.  

We've helped complete novices land contracts with all the major channels over the last few months, as our success continues and more and more people come and work with us. 

So a big shout out to clients we've got work for, who are in talks about exciting work, and also to those who are also brave enough to wait.  We are here for you.  We will support you.  And we are your family!  

Let's keep smashing 2021 together!  

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Tuesday, 18 August 2020 14:00


It’s hard to get work as a presenter without a good presenter showreel.  But there is so much bad, incorrect advice out there about what makes a good showreel.  We work in TV and it’s part of our jobs as TV Producers to hire presenters for shows.  And who we choose can be based on your presenter showreel, so it’s good to get it right. 


Tomorrow we are doing an Instagram live on What makes a good presenter showreel and what TV Producers need to see to give you a presenter job.   

It’s all information and advice based on our 20 years in TV – hiring presenters for shows like Strictly Come Dancing, to documentaries to news.  So join us on Instagram tomorrow Wednesday 19th Aug at 1200 for some priceless tips!  


The live will be save on our IGTV so you can always watch it later.  


Also check out our IGTV for recent presenter showreels that we have done – receiving hundreds of views in just a few days!  

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Thursday, 23 July 2020 14:14

Presenter Training Course August

Make sure you check out our instagram page for updates on presenter jobs, presenter training dates and lots of free advice.  We’ve also got presenter showreels on there, and live interviews with clients who have done our presenter training courses like Scarlette Douglas from A Place in the Sun, or Dr Philippa Kay who is the new doctor on ITV’s This Morning.  


We’ve also just released a review of our last fast track TV presenter training programme where our 4 clients chat you through their experience of our award-winning presenter training programme.


There are now dates up for August and September on the website for the Fast Track Programme – limited spaces on both.


Our Instagram is @thepresenterstudio 

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Thursday, 24 October 2019 14:42

Congratulations to chef Norman Musa

We have a whole range of clients come and work with us.  All with very different ambitions and goals.  A few years ago Malaysian chef Norman Musa came and trained with us.  He came on the award-winning Fast Track TV Presenter Training Course. and then we also went to Manchester where we filmed with him in our 1 to 1 advanced presenter training programme.  Norman very quicky found success and went on to present for the BBC and Channel 4 on different food programmes.  He very kindly dropped us a quick update email today to say that he is now into his 5th series of his own cooking series back in Malaysia too.  We are so proud of all the success he has had.   This is what he said about working with us too: 

"Thanks to you and the course I now have 4 seasons of my own cooking show on Malaysian TV, and am about to film my 5th!"

Keep up the good work Norman!  

The Presenter Studio Team x 


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Big congratulations to Twist and Pulse who won Britain's Got Talent:  The Champions.  The guys are so talented and deserve all their success.  They are also aspiring TV presenters - and they are really very good!  They came and trained with us a few years ago, adn we really hope this new found success will open up even more doors for them.  

Here is the presenter showreel we did for them:  https://youtu.be/SGp5vGyhf3c They came on the award-winning fast track TV presenter training course, where they worked alongside 3 other clients across 2 days.  

This is what they had to say about working with us too:  

"What an incredible inspiring course.  Most definitely the best presenting course out there for up and coming presenters.  Gareth and Leon both take the time to get to know you and your personality as much as possible to benefit yourself.  Passion, fun and hard work all rolled into one - just how we like to work!"

Well done guys - super proud of you and all the great things you do!   


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Sunday, 07 July 2019 08:35


Don’t be generic!  Too many presenters try and appeal to everyone, whereas you actually need to find out your USP.   


Find your own style of presenting – from your scripts, to how you stand etc.  There are actually no one-size-fits-all rules to how to be a good presenter – so work on your own brand.  But make sure you brand yourself according to the area of work you want to work in…


All the genres of TV are very different to each other, and it’s very rare for a presenter to work across them all.

The main genres are:


Factual Entertainment




All of our training is specific to the genre of work we think you are best suited to.  So it pays to be different and it also pays to know where you’d fit in!  

So if you want to find out where we think you’re best suited to come and work with us.  Take a look around the site www.presenterstudio.comat our training programmes or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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