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Tuesday, 18 August 2020 14:00

It’s hard to get work as a presenter without a good presenter showreel.  But there is so much bad, incorrect advice out there about what makes a good showreel.  We work in TV and it’s part of our jobs as TV Producers to hire presenters for shows.  And who we choose can be based on your presenter showreel, so it’s good to get it right. 


Tomorrow we are doing an Instagram live on What makes a good presenter showreel and what TV Producers need to see to give you a presenter job.   

It’s all information and advice based on our 20 years in TV – hiring presenters for shows like Strictly Come Dancing, to documentaries to news.  So join us on Instagram tomorrow Wednesday 19th Aug at 1200 for some priceless tips!  


The live will be save on our IGTV so you can always watch it later.  


Also check out our IGTV for recent presenter showreels that we have done – receiving hundreds of views in just a few days!