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Congratulations to chef Norman Musa

Thursday, 24 October 2019 14:42

We have a whole range of clients come and work with us.  All with very different ambitions and goals.  A few years ago Malaysian chef Norman Musa came and trained with us.  He came on the award-winning Fast Track TV Presenter Training Course. and then we also went to Manchester where we filmed with him in our 1 to 1 advanced presenter training programme.  Norman very quicky found success and went on to present for the BBC and Channel 4 on different food programmes.  He very kindly dropped us a quick update email today to say that he is now into his 5th series of his own cooking series back in Malaysia too.  We are so proud of all the success he has had.   This is what he said about working with us too: 

"Thanks to you and the course I now have 4 seasons of my own cooking show on Malaysian TV, and am about to film my 5th!"

Keep up the good work Norman!  

The Presenter Studio Team x