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Thursday, 13 May 2021 10:43


2021 has been a HUGELY successful year four our clients.  Presenters have landed contracts with the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and have been signed up by top agents.  

We've also seen our clients land some incredible meetings with TV Channels as we help and advise them on who to contact - new clients are currently in discussions with commissioners about presenting their own shows from documentaries to factual formats.  

We've helped complete novices land contracts with all the major channels over the last few months, as our success continues and more and more people come and work with us. 

So a big shout out to clients we've got work for, who are in talks about exciting work, and also to those who are also brave enough to wait.  We are here for you.  We will support you.  And we are your family!  

Let's keep smashing 2021 together!  

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Thursday, 18 June 2020 09:29


We offer presentation training, presenter training and presenter coaching for politicians.  On a daily basis politicians need to deliver presentations and speeches that feel authentic but also give important information.  We can help with your script, your presentation style and technique. 

During lockdown we've watched the simply amazing Hillary Clinton and the Michelle Obama documentaries on SKY and Netflix.  They are a great watch, as not only do we get to see behind the scenes of the lives of these two remarkable women, but we also get to see the craft of putting together a good speech.  

The Hillary Clinton documentary ‘Hillary’ focussed a lot on how the public had an instant view of her, simply by how she looked.   And every aspect of her speeches was analysed by a team - from writers to press advisors.  It was a great demonstration of how much skill goes into coming across as a great leader.  It’s a four-hour portrait of arguably the most famous female figure in modern politics and a must-see for any aspiring speaker.  

Boris Johnson has clearly had media training since he was made Prime Minister - he's adopted his own style - the clenched fist, the repetitive use of pauses - a style that feels rehearsed and placed, rather than a style we feel that feel should feel authentic and honest.  

Michelle Obama is a great speaker, and her Neflix documentary 'Becoming' is a fascinating window into how her speeches have inspired a nation.  Her warmth and passion shines through - a woman who speaks from the heart, who delivers speeches with great authority, accessibility and inclusivity. 

Developing your own presentation style as a politician is incredibly important, and it's an art that needs to be worked on and also constantly reviewed.  So if you want to the best presenter, communicator and politician we'd love to help you.  

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