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Zoom Presenter Training

Friday, 07 January 2022 11:23

Presenting online can be very different to presenting in person.  And there are lots of additional factors to consider...

We've been helping our clients in lots of different online situations - how to present and produce their monthly meetings; how to deliver a presentation online; how to pitch for business online; how to speak at an event onlne...

Everything we do is tailormade to each client, and the type of work you are doing.  But if you are looking for some general tips and tricks to presenting online on platforms like ZOOM this will help:  

1.  PERSONALITY:  Don't think of yourself as a presenter.  Think of yourself as a personality.  This is your presentation.  Your speech.  Your event.  So think how do you want to come across - it's what we call finding your personal brand.  

2.  YOUR SCRIPT:  Getting your ingredients right is crucial to any presentation.  Write in your voice and avoid corporate jargon.  

3.  DON'T HIDE BEHIND SLIDES:  You want to be full screen.  Don't hide behind slides - they detract from you and will pull focus. Use visuals for impact only - and use them wisely.  

4.  YOUR SHOT: It's what we call in TV 'a medium close up'.  Or an MCU.  You want to be looking down the lens.  Front lit.  And speaking to the viewer.  

5.  FORMAT:  All content needs shape.  Structure.  So think of your presentation as something you can divide up into sections.  Create an impactful intro - no more than 30 seconds.  Then section things out into timed segments to you take your viewer on a journey.

And lastly have fun!  Presenting is an excting opportunity.  It's a great opportunity to communicate.  So think 'how can I bring my content to life' so you engage the viewer.  

And if you want to find out how we can help you drop us an email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.