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Tuesday, 03 November 2020 15:23

Lots of businesses are now turning to zoom or other online platforms to do their presentations.  Zoom is akin to TV – speaking into a camera, and like any form of communication isn’t easy.


We love all the training work we do with businesses to make them better communicators in this space. 

This week we have done a 1 day presentation skills training session for 8 clients.  They all have to deliver online learning programmes in the education sector and we worked with them to challenge the way they use the platform – ensuring their presentations are unique, on brand and have the maximum impact.   


And we are also running 2 sessions for business people who are presenting their industry awards next week – 1 is delivering a speech and the other is the host of the event.  We’ll be working with them on their script, their delivery and also making sure they exceed expectations. 


So if you want to be the best communicator in your zooms, online webinars, or presentations get in touch and we’ll design a training session that is totally bespoke to you.