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Did you watch Francesca Martinez on Question Time?   


Her impassioned answer to Fiona Bruce’s question has gone viral.  So why did her answer engage and touch so many of us?  The reason is it was ‘personal’.  So many debates and speeches lack personal content – we all know people buy people, so where is there so much corporate jargon?  


Francesca’s personal story brings a problem to life.  All of a sudden what she has to say can’t be ignored as we can see and hear from someone who is part of the problem, and this makes it all the more real.  But it wasn’t just what Francesca said on the BBC’s Question Time that connected with people, it was how she said it.  She spoke from the heart.  Her answer was passionate, and passion goes a long way.  If you are passionate about something it’s hard for the viewer not to be too.  


Her passion made her message so much more engaging, and you instantly felt a connection and an understanding of what Francesca was saying.   


We should all learn something from Francesca’s time on Question Time – not only from what she said, but how she made a forgotten problem now a big topical issue – from being personal and passionate.  


Well done Francesca….