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Chris Whitty's TV Commercial

Friday, 17 December 2021 09:55

Have you seen the call to action TV commercial the Government have put out to encourage the public to get a booster? What do you think of Chris Whitty's delivery? Does it feel impactful and a successful call to action?


We feel it lacks the impact it deserves. And won't therefore have the impact it desires so here's where we feel he went wrong, and here's some suggestions of how it could be more impactful.


1. Prof Chis Witty is clearly reading a script...if you are using autocue to deliver a message use it as a memory tool and not a reading device. You should try and learn your script as best you can. If you are reading you feel detached from what you are saying.


2. He feels very detached from his message. If you are not connected with what you are saying, your audience won't be either. See a script as something to bring to life, to play with, rather than something that restricts your delivery.


3. There's no emotional connection. Chris Witty's read is very dry. But when you are delivering information ask yourself 'what is the tone of my piece and how can I embrace it'? The tone here is a big call to action. A rallying cry to ask the public to take action.


4. He lacks energy. The camera always dilutes what you do. It doesn't add. So if you are ever speaking on camera, make sure your energy is up.


5. Visually it's very flat and lacks impact. Chris looks tired. Like he has lost the battle. But video is a visual medium, so visually you need to connect. So make sure your body is connected, speak from the heart not the head, and look to physically engage with your message.


Let us know what you think!




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