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Presentation Skills Training – Dealing with Nerves  

Dealing with nerves when it comes to presentation skills can be something we all can suffer with.  So here are 5 tips to help you deal with nerves. 

1 – Chat to your friend.  Don’t present to a crowd, or a camera, instead imagine you are talking to your friend – the one who brings out the best in you.  

2 – Your presentation is your gift – your present.  People love to learn so be excited to share with them your knowledge or idea.  

3 – Rehearse – so you get comfortable. And always learn your intro so you get off to a good start.  

4 – Find somewhere early in the presentation where you can take a breath.   Asking your audience a question for example.  

5 – The power pose.  It works for me every time.  Before you do your presentation stand up, and hold a ‘power pose’ – a pose that makes you feel powerful.   And you may find it will take your brain into a positive space.  

Enjoy it! 

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