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Thursday, 21 November 2019 07:49

Being an influencer for many people is now a career choice, but having thousands of followers doesn’t always translate into it being lucrative.   Brands look to influencers to advertise their products, but they will need you to be able to get their information across but in your style and the most effective way of them doing this is video content.   So you’ll need to be able to deal with scripts, information but keep it all as natural as possible.  


Here’s our top 5 tips to how to be a good influencer, so you can attract the top brands, and secure the biggest fees. 


Find your unique voice.  This is hugely important.  There are so many influencers out there, but what makes you different or unique?  You need to find your own voice and your own style – it’s what we call being a ‘produced version of you’. 


Be Authentic.  You need to make sure your content is honest, real and true to who you are.  


Know your Audience.  Who do you want to appeal to, and what kind of content do they wnt to see?  


Master IGTV - Instagram TV is the future! And taking videos of yourself is harder than just a photo.  Go for a mixture of durations and also try giving out some actual content – its good practice for when a brand asks you to collaborate with them!  


Know your Personal Brand.  This is what we are experts in.  You need to think of yourself as a brand, and make sure that everything relates back to this.  Brands are often boiled down to 3 key things – so write down your 3 key traits.


We have influencers who come and work with us on all of our presenter training courses – everything is tailormade to each client.  So if you want to be an influencer, or are looking for an influencer course we can help.  So check out the Fast Track Presenter Training Programme or the 1 to 1 presenter training programme, and we’ll help you maximise your potential and your earning potential too!