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Here are 5 top tips from 2 TV Producers on what makes a good TV presenter.

1.  WHO ARE YOU?  Knowing who you are and what makes you different is HUGELY important.  There are loads of aspiring TV presenters out there and you need to stand out from the crowd.

2.  WHAT DO YOU BRING TO A SHOW?  A presenter is hired to bring a show to life.  So what would you bring to the table?  And what audience would you attract, or appeal to?

3.  PASSION.  Producers are massively hungry for new talent.  We are always looking for the next big name.  But it’s hard to back someone unless they want to do it.  So a passion goes a long way.

4.  IMAGE.  TV is a visual medium so make sure you look the part.

5.  BE NICE.  It’s a big mistake of any new TV presenter.  They often play ‘the big I am’ or form cliques.  The TV industry is small.  We all know each other and we all like to work with people who are nice.  So make sure you are too!