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There are now so many presenter training courses out there, and it’s hard to work out who is who and which one is right for you.   So we thought we’d give you ten things that make us very different from all the rest!  We’re very unique in who we are and what we do here, so if you’re considering a presenter training course read on!...


1 – WE’RE TV PRODUCERS.  Gareth and Leon who are the MD’s of The Presenter Studio have worked in TV for over 20 years.  They were both staff at the BBC, and are now freelance Producers.  Leon is currently the Exec Producer on the award-winning series Gogglebox for Channel 4, and Gareth is currently the Exec Producer for a new entertainment show for MTV America.  


2 – TV DEVELOPMENT. Gareth and Leon also have a great track record in getting new ideas commissioned and have done a lot of work in what’s called Development.   Gareth has been Head of Development for major TV companies, securing commissions for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc.  And their work in development always means they are looking for presenters to attach to their ideas.  And this is how many new presenters get work.  


3 – WE’VE WORKED IN ALL TV GENRES:  Each genre of TV works very differently to the next, and demands different skills from the presenter.  So all the work we do here is tailor-made to the genre, channel and slot you want to work in.  


4 – PRESENTER TALENT TASTER TAPES:  Presenter Showreels are often not worth the money you spend on them.  They are far too generic and simply feature a presenter ‘pretending to present’.  What Producers need to know is who you are and what makes you different, and how you are going to bring their show to life, and this comes down to your personality.  The Presenter Studio is the only presenter training company that makes a talent taster tape.  


5 – WE OFFER THE INSIDE TRACK:  As we work in TV offer our clients an inside track into TV.  By working with us you get straight to the heart of the industry, and are seen by top TV Producers.  We are right at the top of our game in TV, our advise and work is based on 20 years producing some of TV’s biggest shows.  So the advise we give here is very different to what you’d find else where.


6 – OUR INCREDIBLE SUCCESS RATE:  We have an amazing success rate here, with so many of our clients going on to get great work for all the major channels here in the UK and America.  We never promise anyone any work, but what we do promise is an industry based experience that puts you on the right track.  If you have the talent, we have the industry know-how to help you succeed.  


7 – EVERYTHING IS TAILOR-MADE:  All our presenter training courses are tailor-made to each person which is hugely important.  We work incredibly hard to make sure each person has a personal experience.  We never give generic advice – each person is different and needs to be produced differently.   Also we don’t do ‘group courses’.  The maximum number we allow to come and work with us on one of our presenter training programmes is 4 – and that’s the fast track presenter training programme.  This ensures you get as much on-camera time as possible to get some great clips for your taster tape edit. 


8 – WE GET YOU WORK FOR FREE:  We have a talent database where we put presenters up for work for free.  We’ve got clients some great work.  Again we never promise anyone any work as we never know what work is going to be out there, but as we work in TV we hear of some great opportunities for some rather big TV programmes.  


9 – Over the years we have worked with so many big names in TV.  Zoe Ball, Dermot O’Leary, Claudia Winkleman, Rylan Clarke, Tess Daily, Cat Deeley, Graham Norton, Ant and Dec…the list is endless!  


10 – We’re great fun! TV is a fun industry, and is also very relaxed.  So we always want to have great fun with our clients and ensure that they not only get an industry based experience but also a fun one!   


So if you want an industry based experience, that is tailor-made to you, that gives you the opportunity to work with and be seen by some of the biggest names in TV we are the right place for you!  And we look forward to working with you soon.  


To find out more on our presenter training courses visit our website at www.presenterstudio.comor email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.