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We love hearing from our clients and Rachael Taylor who came on the Fast Track programme has written a really detailed review. So check this out:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my training at The Presenter Studio. Gareth was so friendly warm and welcoming, he made me feel at ease yet he equally knew when to challenge me in order to bring out the best in myself. He was always very honest and constructive, he is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and I also think he’s far too modest!

I had been filmed on and off for years through my own global online design school and there had also been a few TV opportunities but if I’m being totally honest I’m a designer who accidentally ended up being booked for media jobs and whilst I prefer to work off the cuff at times I often felt out of my depth and a little overwhelmed. Not only did I get to improve my presenting skills and learn other styles such as Vox Pops, Auto Cue and scriot reading I was also taught about branding, production and many other things within the industry.

I came away buzzing as I felt Gareth had really help me turn a corner with my own personal and professional development.

Shortly after I filmed a number of how-to demonstrations and a colleague took me to one side to compliment my presentation and she had seen a real difference in me. I was really taken aback by her comments it was great to see my training hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Since my training I’ve had two television shows contact me and whilst it’s still early days. I was able to deal with the requests and filming with a lot more ease and confidence.

Another recent booking was to present and be interviewed for a global art company’s campaign both the film crew and art company reached out to me afterwards and gave such amazing feedback on my professionalism, friendly manner and presenting and I know this is all down to Gareth’s guidance, I even hear his voice in my head at times (and in his accent)! It’s always just before I start filming reminding me to stay true to myself, not feel rushed when speaking, have fun, keep my energy levels up and trust in my ability.

I can’t rate these guys enough, they are an absolute dream."