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Thursday, 23 April 2020 10:36

Presenting an Instagram Live

Lots of us are turning to Instagram lives to promote ourselves or our businesses.  So here are our top tips to doing a good instagram live: 


1 – Be Yourself!  Don’t present!  Your personality should be your focus when it comes to how you want to come across – so use your own language, avoid corporate jargon and simply be yourself. 


2 – Purpose.  Lots of lives and social media content can lack purpose.  So make sure you have a reason to go live, and stick to that reason! 


3 – Have a good intro.  You want to capture your followers right at the top.  If you are waiting for someone to join you in a live set up, don’t simply sit there in

silence, set the scene and tone of what is to come.  


4 – Collaborate – now is a great time to connect with other brands and businesses.  So set up live interviews and make sure they are packed with take-out for your



5 – Make sure it looks good and on brand.  We all respond to things visually quickly, so make sure you are well lit (from the side or front), your eyeline is forwards rather than down or up, and that it’s a nice head and shoulders shot – it’s what we’d call in TV an MCU (medium close up!)


ENJOY your Instagram lives!  For more tips on presenting, social media content etc look at our online presenter training programmes on the website – click on the online tab.  We are doing so many great online training sessions right now for businesses and presenters. 

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Monday, 30 March 2020 10:43


This Wednesday at 1330 - 1400 we are hosting an instagram live session on 'presenter agents’ - the do’s and don’ts of what makes a good one, how to find an agent, and what they can do for you.  We work in TV and it’s our jobs to hire and work with talent so we have lots of first hand experience on working with agents.  So many presenters focus on getting an agent, but we’ll also talk to you about whether you need one, and give you the insider knowledge about how agents work.  It will be  great session for any presenter - at any stage of your career.   
We really enjoyed the insta live session last week on ‘What Makes a good Showreel’ - so great to see so many of you attend.  So this will be our second insta live - so please come and join us as we don’t want to be chatting to ourselves!  
See you Wednesday for a coffee and a chat at 1330!  
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