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Thursday, 23 July 2020 14:30

Presenter Studio Course Reviews

We are so lucky to have so many fantastic clients, who say some really lovely things about us.  


Sheila Gordhan came on the award-wining fast track TV presenter course and wrote to us this week with a really lovely review that she said we could share with you all!  


Here’s the presenter showreel we did for Sheila:  https://youtu.be/5IDh_YDP_Zo


And here’s the lovely review she gave us!  


"I did the 2 day fast track presenter training programme last summer at The Presenter Studio after being referred to the training by a friend of mine; he highly recommended it for the attention to detail that is taken in ensuring that the program is tailor to the individual. This is exactly what I was looking for; the first day you get to really understand yourself as a brand and learning the importance of delivery and then you get shooting for the showreel pieces which is so much fun as well as informative.  Gareth was so clear in his explanation and interactive style and also provided an in depth feedback session where we discussed what kind of roles I would be suited to. It’s important to find your own niche and this is exactly what I found during my training there. 


The information was very thorough and the showreel was tailor made for me where we worked as a team - I felt that it showcased me as a person and brand rather than odd presenter bits and bobs I had done earlier! When it was complete, the showreel shone and I felt that it showcased me at my best & truly in my element. 

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have worked at a number of events and ceremonies and most recently, was contacted by an online tv channel which has over 250 million users worldwide, to be their main presenter as well as their content producer! They had come across my showreel and got in touch, stating that they felt I would be perfect to represent their channel. They felt that my natural style in the showreel, the focus on features and entertainment, as well as my enthusiasm came across strongly and this is why they picked me out of so many others! It was so lovely to hear and I can not thank Presenter Studio enough for helping to make this all possible - I will now be presenting regular content for the channel and I’m so excited to be on this journey!"

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Thursday, 02 January 2020 10:08


Fast track your career for 2020 and come and work with us.  We are the only presenter training company that is run by TV Producers whose job it is to hire and work with presenters.  So we are a great place to come.  Unlike other companies we work in the industry so our courses can fast track your careers, and open up doors to the many opportunities that are out there.  People come and train with us who have a whole range of experience – from working as a TV Presenter, to just starting out.  

All our presenter training courses are bespoke to each person – so we are great for any level of experience.   Our clients who have come on one of our presenter training courses have gone on to present for E4, Channel 4, BBC, CBBC, ITV, BBC News etc and so our success rate speaks for itself!  

So if you want to come and work with TV Producers and fast track your career for 2020 we’d love to hear from you!  

The Fast Track Programme is now sold out for Jan and the Feb date has limited places so book now!  

See you soon! 

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Thursday, 24 October 2019 14:51

Presenter Course - More 5 Star Reviews

We've loved reading our 5 star reviews from this weekend's fast track presenter training course.  We only allow 4 people to come and work with us so we ensure that eveyone gets expert tailor-made presenter training.  What's so good about that too is you get to see how we work with each person differently depending on their personal brand and also the market they want to work in.

We had an aspiring entertainment presenter - Andy, who flew over from Jersey.  We were amazed by his energy, enthusiasm and warmth and can see him doing really well.  And this is what he said about us:  "I loved all the challenges and the people.  You were superbly super.  Thankyou!"

Next we had Abi, an aspiring influencer.  We worked with her to develop her style and voice but also to come up with ideas on what type of influencer she could be, and how we can help her to stand out from the crowd.  We loved working with her - Abi has a very 'English' tone and style to what she does - very honest and unqiue.  And this is what she had to say about the influencer training:  "I loved the intimate environment.  It was all tailored to social media. And I'd really recommend you guys!"  

Then we had the lovely Tati who is just 18 years old.  She is keen to get going with her presenting career, and we were hugely impressed with her natural talent and also her maturity.  Having a good attitude and work ethic goes a long way in this industry and we can see her doing really well.  This is what she had to say:  "You are both in the industry, and so it gives you an amazing insight.  You've worked with so may successful presenters.  You are so amazing and inspiring.  We had so much inspirational information.  Love you guys!".

And then from London we had Daniel - an actor who wants to work in the Features market of TV.  He had a great brand so this was all about us developing it, and getting him on the right track.  And this is what he had to say about our presenter course:  "I loved all of it.  There was a great mix of practical work and theory.  All your work is much appreciated."

We can't wait to edit their presenter showreels - or as we call them in TV - talent taster tapes.  

Thanks everyone for your kind words and wonderful energy.  It really does mean a lot to us!  

The Presenter Studio  



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