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We love getting feedback from all of our clients on our TV presenter training courses, London.   Our last fast track programme had a voice coach, a model, a interior stylist and a DJ.   We only allow a maximum of 4 people to come and train with us on each of our award-winning fast track presenter training programme.  Each person gave us five star reviews once more, and this is what all 4 clients had to say about us: 

“I really enjoyed the training.  I’m grateful I got to show myself more, and my showreel is certainly better than my previous one.”  

 “I loved how practical it was!  Straight in there with exploring so many areas of TV and getting real hands-on experience.   It did not feel like a generic course at all, and it was clear we’d all been researched thoroughly and it was really tailor-made for each person.   Thank you!”  


“I loved it all.  It was a really relaxed vibe, fun and super informative.  Crammed full with amazing info.   I’m simply amazed by it all.   You are a true gem!   Thank you so much xxx”


“It was all a massive help.  I just loved it and am very grateful of the experience you’ve given me.  Thank you!   Xxx”


We are so grateful and thankful for everyone’s kind words.  We are already hearing some really exciting news about auditions that have now come about as part of their training.  

The next available fast track presenter training programme is in Feb.  

And here’s a link to how you can book: http://presenterstudio.com/book-now/presenter-training-booking/award-winning-fast-track-programme