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Lots of aspiring TV presenters focus on getting an TV presenter agent to get them work.  But you don’t need an presenter agent to get work, and if you are new TV presenter it’s really not expected that you will have one.  In TV we all love to find the next new talent.  And so we help our presenters bridge the gap between TV Producers like us whose job it is to find new TV presenters and people like yourself who want to get on screen.   As part of our TV presenter training we advise all of our clients to be proactive and to go out there and create their own opportunities and work.   This is how our industry works – it’s called show ‘business’ for a reason!  So the more business minded you can be, and with our insider knowledge we can help you get to where you want to be.  You just need to have the talent, good work ethic and a bit of luck (as we all do!) to get there!