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  • 1 To 1 Programme

    • Tailor-made presenter coaching - perfect for presenters, influencers or business people who want to maximise their potential. 
    • You'll work with expert Producers who have worked with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and top brands like ASOS, Amazon and Vogue.  
    • You’ll learn OUR secrets that have helped create TV’s and social media's biggest presenters.
    • We are the ONLY presenter training company recommended by TV agents and TV channels.
    • Includes an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and your personal brand, market and ideas for your filming day.
    • Incredible success rate, with 100% 5 star reviews.  
    1-1 Advanced
    Training Program Price: £999 for location work and £1,250 for studio and location work
  • Tailor-made and bespoke training with the TV Producers behind some of TV's most successful presenters and international brands.  Priceless training and exposure that you can’t find anywhere else…excited?  We hope so!  
  • Perfect for TV presenters, business people or influencers who want to realise and maximise their potential.  
  • You’ll have your own presenter training programme designed for you and your needs.  
  • We'll develop your personal brand, and market you to the genre of TV, or customer or follower you want to attract.  
  • You can use this presenter training programme to get our exclusive Talent Taster Tape for TV Presenter work.  Or if you are a business person you can use this bespoke programme for training or video content. 
  • Our success rate for TV presenters is unrivalled - clients now present on ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, CBBC, QVC, E4, 4MUSIC, TV Commercials, ABC America, CNBC, Channel 4 …the list is endless!
  • And we've worked with top brands like ASOS, The Prudential, Porsche, Vogue, GQ, The Guardian...
  • Filming can either be in the studio, on location or in both. And we travel all over the UK and the world.  
  • No experience is required.  This completely bespoke presenter training programme works across 2 days.

Make sure you scroll down to watch our Talent Taster Tapes and to read our amazing Success Stories

The 1 to 1 presenter training programme works across two days.

Day 1 is an initial two hour consultation/script and ideas meeting that can be done in person or via SKYPE.  

Day 2 is the besoke filming and training day.  Usually these are not on consecutive days.

Prior to the initial consultation we'll email you a Booking Form - you can tell us about yourself, your needs and presenting ambitions.  

Everything is bespoke.  So if your goal is TV Presenting you may want to use the 1 to 1 to get an industry based Talent Taster Tape.  Or if you are a business, you may want to use this for training or to create branded video content. 


If you want to work in TV this initial consultation is a priceless opportunity to have a meeting with an award-winning TV Producer, with over 20 years experience.  All our advice is specific to the genre of TV you want to work in – news, features, entertainment, factual entertainment, and documentaries.  Each genre works differently, so we will help you market yourself according to the work you want to do.  

If you are a business, we have worked with top brands like Porshe, ASOS, Red Bull, GQ, Lush Cosmetics, The Prudential, and smaller businesses like financial advisors or personal trainings - we'll advise you on your personal brand and the brand of your business, and how this will inform the work we will do with you.  

We'll explain the importance of branding yourself as a ‘unique personality’ rather than a generic presenter. And we’ll explore how to develop your personal brand, and why this is important.

And we've worked with some of TV's biggest presenters - Zoe Ball, Dermot O'Leary, Rylan Clark-Neal, Claudia Winkleman writing their scripts and producing them.  So we know what makes a good presenter and how to create good content. 

We’ll discuss ideas for the separate filming day, including any interviews or locations we may want to set up. 

At the end of the consultation we go away and write your tailor-made training programme - including all of your scripts. 

We will then contact you to set a filming date.

Make sure you scroll down to watch our Talent Taster Tapes and to read our amazing Success Stories

Depending on whether you have booked the location or studio/location option we will either meet you at the studio or at our first location!

Before we get you on camera we will go through our ‘presenter check-list’ – OUR secrets that have helped create some of TV’s biggest presenters. Our expert advice based on over twenty years working with some of TV’s most successful presenters and brands – expert advice you can’t find anywhere else.


The filming day is completely bespoke, so our 1-to-1 training days have seen our clients do a whole host of amazing things from interviewing A-list celebrities, driving racing cars on tracks, to presenting at major events. The possibilities are endless as we want to ensure your training and footage are as unique as you are.

We will shoot for the whole day, building your brand, developing your style and capturing some really exciting and unique footage.


We'll produce you every step of the way - giving you constant direction on how to be the best presenter and therefore the best version of yourself you can be.  Also a good presenter is one that can be produced, so these are all good skills to learn and pick up. 

Across the day we'll develop your personal brand - helping you find your own voice and your own style.  This is exposure, training and advice you can't find anywhere else, and is based on our 20 years in the media industry.  You'll be amazed at how good you have become.  

Alongside your Producer will be a film crew using all the latest HD cameras.  


For the clients who want to get work in TV or work in social media, we will reveal our insider secrets on how to get some incredible work.

There is so much incorrect, out-of-date and bad advice out there - it's a real problem...but we can help.  

We work in TV so we’ll pass on our secrets to the inside track into TV, and explain how with our expert advice can access some amazing opportunities. So we'll tell you how to land yourself some great work and meetings wtih TV Producers/TV Companies/TV Channels/Presenter Agents.

We will discuss 'Presenter Showreels' - and explain to you why the ones that get made by other companies are not fit for purpose, are totally unrelated to TV and won't get you work...

We’ll watch presenter showreels from other presenter training courses - you'll realise why people come to retrain with us, and why 'presenter showreels' have such a bad reputation.  

We'll explain how our industry based Talent Taster Tapes will get you off on the right track...


Clients who want to work in TV will go onto our Talent Database for free – access to our exclusive TV presenter jobs, and networking opportunities.

TV agents, TV channels, TV Production companies contact us wanting to work with our presenters. And we’ve got presenters work on the BBC, CBBC, Channel 5, Channel 4, ITV, E4, TV commercials, QVC, and corporate work. So if the right job comes along and we think you are ready, we’ll put you up for it.

We never promise anyone a job and it’s impossible for anyone to predict what work will come up, but what we do promise is that we give you the best chance possible of success.

We ask that all our clients keep in contact with us so you can help us to help you!


If you want to get all your footage edited together we can do that for you...

For TV presenters we are the ONLY company to produce an industry standard showreel called a Talent Taster Tape – a tape that is bespoke to you, your brand and the market you are best suited to.

The harsh reality is that presenter showreels from other companies are not fit for purpose, and don't relfect what our industry needs.   They are too generic, old-fashioned and whilst they are a nice thing to show your friends and family they won't get you work.  But we do things differently...

For businesses, we can edit your footage and include any branding you may have.  

If you want to book the edit of your Talent Taster Tape you can do so at any time.

Make sure you scroll down to watch our Industry Talent Taster Tapes.  Click here to read our amazing Success Stories

The 1-to-1 programme has endless success stories - clients going on to present for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY, BBC News...

Clients range from people with no experience, to famous faces like Rylan Clark-Neal, to business people and corporate clients from Red Bull, Porsche, Conde Naste, ASOS, Vogue to Strictly Come Dancing dancers like Amy Bowden. 

The course is recommended by TV companies and agents. Here are some of our 5 star reviews from presenters, influencers, business people, producers and agents.

And click here to read even more amazing success stories.

"I had an amazing experience with the guys from The Presenter Studio. I was very nervous about my debut on Channel 5’s Big Brothers Bit on the Side, but after a few hours with the guys and now 2 successful series under my belt I couldn’t have asked for better training. Thank you so much xxx"

quote rylan clarke
Rylan Clark-Neal
Now presenting his own series on ITV, Channel 4, BBC and BBC Radio. He has become one of the UK’s most successful and in demand TV presenters.

"The Presenter Studio is always our first and only choice to send clients too. The team are lovely and our clients are always happy."

quote mokkingbird
Mokkingbird, Presenter Agency
Mokkingbird send us their clients on a regular basis, from Capital Radio DJ’s to Professional footballers, to influencers...

"You provide the best training. The nature of the industry means there is little time for presenter development - people need instant results. What I find most impressive is your ability to hone in on what makes a presenter unique and develop that aspect of their personality."

quote cloud 9
Andrew Wilson, Cloud 9 Management.
Top Presenter Agent. Andrew is one of the many agents that sends us clients to train.

"I can’t recommend Presenter Studio highly enough! It really helped my confidence in front of the camera and the direction, guidance and feedback I received generated instant results. My improvement was amazing. I had a fabulous time."

quote amy dowden
Amy Dowden
Pro dancer, Strictly Come Dancing BBC One. Amy came to us via a recommendation of her TV agent, and she has just landed her first presenter job with CBBC.

"Within 24 hours of sending out my showreel, I secured 2 meetings at ITV and the editors of This Morning and Lorraine! Whether you're new or have experience, I'd 100% recommend these guys - they are at the top of their game and the tips/advice they gave has proved invaluable!"

quote rob thornton
Rob Thornton
Now on ITV: Rob wanted to broaden his chances of getting work, and get an industry based showreel.

"Thanks so much for the training and advice. I am now on the BBC!"

quote jamie waller
Jamie Waller
Entrepreneur - Deliciously Ella and The No.1 Rosemary Water, now seen on the BBC One.

"The Presenter Studio gives the best presenter training, whether you are an aspiring presenter or business person. They work in TV so they have the rare ability to get the best out of people with fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and a personable and insightful approach."

quote naina parmar
Naina Parmar
BBC TV Producer. We get sent presenters from lots of TV channels, and companies to work with...

"It was great. Thanks so much. I’m thrilled."

quote bobby norris
Bobby Norris
ITV2 reality star – now presenting on ITV’s This Morning. Bobby’s agent booked him on the course...

"I wouldn’t be doing what I am today if not for The Presenter Studio. You gave me a unique opportunity to explore and improve my abilities on camera. I gained confidence and capability with your guidance – you played a crucial role in my development. I would recommend them to any aspiring TV presenter."

quote wilfred frost
Wilfred Frost
City worker – now on CNBC. After his training, we pitched programme ideas for Wilfred to present to various TV channels. He went in to meet with ITV, BBC, SKY and went on to now present his own daily show on CBNC.

"Look no further if you want to learn about the skills of TV and video presentation. They are a terrific team doing a terrific job. Many thanks."

quote dan evans
Dan Evans, Journalist
The Telegraph.
Training Program Price: £999 for location work and £1,250 for studio and location work
  • Watch Our Amazing Talent Taster Tapes

    Talent Taster Tapes

    We are the ONLY company to give you an industry recognised showreel.  

    That’s because we are the ONLY company to brand and market you for the genre of TV you are best suited to.

    In TV we call showreels 'Talent Taster Tapes' - and with us, that's what you'll get.  

    Wilfred Frost

    Wilfred Frost

    Marketed for Fact Entertainment. Now presenting own show on CNBC

    Paul Frangie

    Paul Frangie

    Marketed for Features
    Now seen on ITV's This Morning

    Ravi Jajani


    Marketed for Entertainment and Features - Signed by top TV agent

    Emma Slater


    Marketed For Entertainment
    Now seen on ABC America

  • Included Extras

    Ongoing Support

    On-going career support and job opportunities.

    Presenter Agency

    You have the option to go onto our Talent Database where we put you up for work.

    Free Networking

    We provide you with access to networking events - absolutely free of charge.

  • Optional Extras

    Optional Extras

    • Edits

      Your Taster Tape Edit

      You can purchase the edit before or after your training.


      Presenters who are on more of a budget can choose a DVD of your best bits.

    • Promo Material

      Promotional Photographs

      A photo is crucial and needs to be on brand.

      Promotional Biography

      You’ll need a professionally written biography that is on brand.

    • Ideas Development

      One-To-One Ideas Programme

      We show you how to get an idea commissioned.

      The Ideas Consultation

      If you already have a TV idea and want some professional help.