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  • 1 Day How To Make It As A Presenter

    • Perfect for any level of experience including complete beginners
    • Perfect for both presenters, YouTubers, and business people who want to maximise their potential 
    • No experience required - we kind of like it that way too
    • Be seen and work with Producers behind the stars - with credits for the BBC/ITV/Channel 4/Channel 5/SKY1, and brands like ASOS, The Prudential, Porsche, Virgin Business...
    • We’ll help you understand how to brand and market yourself for success
    • You’ll learn our secrets that have helped create some of the biggest presenters
    • Amazing success rate with past clients now seen on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY, CBBC, QVC, E4 etc…
    How to Make It
    1 Day How To Make It As A Presenter Price: £199


This is an amazing opportunity for you to be seen and work with the Producers behind some of the biggest presenters.  

This session is also perfect for anyone who has to do online-videos, pubic speaking or presentations at work, or YoutTubers and influencers so don’t worry if TV is not your main goal.

And it gets great results - past clients now present on BBC NEWS; BBC THREE, Channel FIVE, ITV, CBBC, QVC, E4, 4MUSIC, TV Commercials, ABC America, CNBC, Channel 4.  

Amazing 5 star reviews from clients of all backgrounds and experience. 

If you are just starting out, or want to come and show us what you are made of, then this is the session for you!  Or if you are a business person who wants to improve and develop your presenting skills this is also the session for you! 

The session will explore how to develop your personal brand, according to the genre of presenting you want to work in (of if you are a business person we'll discuss your company and customer).  

Once you've booked we'll send each client a form to fill in where you can tell us what you want to get out of the session, so you'll leave having all of your questions answered.

Being a good presenter is not easy, and getting work as a presenter is incredibly difficult. But if you do things the right way, you could join our long list of amazing success stories.

And most importantly we'll share our top secrets that have helped create some of the biggest presenters.

In this one day presenter programme you’ll hear from and work with the most successful Producers, Leon Campbell and Gareth Davies – the people behind TV’s biggest presenters and programmes.

This is a practical and informative session that includes how to brand yourself, how to realise your market, how to write scripts, talking to time, the importance of coming up with your own ideas for you to present, how and where to get work, what makes a good showreel, and how best to promote yourself.

We’ll go through our exclusive check-list of the do’s and dont’s of how to be a better presenter - based on our 20 years in the media industry. 

You’ll learn how it's vital to not think about yourself as ‘just another presenter’ but as your own ‘unique brand’.

You’ll realise why 99% of showreels are a complete waste of money, and can do you more harm than good.  And give you a practical guide to what producers and agents are looking for. And you’ll be amazed at the truth of how our industry REALLY works!

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1 Day How To Make It As A Presenter Price: £199

Amazing Success Stories