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Booking: Online Courses and Coaching

We offer a range of online coaching, training and workshops for presenters and business people, via zoom.

Simply click 'Add to Basket' box for your chosen course option.  For dates, please email info@presenterstudio.com directly upon booking.

  • Online Career Consultations

    • A one and a half hour career consultation with a top TV Producer on how to progress your career.
    • Date booked direct on booking.  

    AVAILABILITY: Only 77 Place(s) Available
  • Online Presenter or Presentation Coaching - Practical

    • 2 hour online presenter coaching and training.
    • Perfect for presenters or business people.  Can be focussed on TV, media training, social media content to business presentations.
    • Once you've booked we'll find out your needs and will design a completly bespoke training session. 
    • Date is booked direct with you on booking.  

    AVAILABILITY: Only 85 Place(s) Available
  • How to Make it as a TV Presenter - Zoom

    • Special online version of our 1 day studio programme.  
    • Learn how to brand and market yourself for TV.
    • Mix of practical and information work where you get to be produced by a top TV Producer.
    • We'll give you individual coaching, producing and feedback.
    • The sesssion ends with career advice and how to get work.
    • Exclusive Online Price only.  Limited to 10 presenters only.   Date:  28th Jan.  0900 - 1300.  

    AVAILABILITY: Only 4 Place(s) Available
  • How to Front Your Own Documentary

    • If you want to present documentaries this is a great session run by TV Producer Gareth Davies who has produced channel 4 documentaries that were all his own idea - presented by people who had never presented before.
    • Part informative part practical.
    • We'll help you understand how to come up with your own ideas and who to pitch them to.
    • And we'll teach you the art of presenting a documentary with individual coaching. 
    • Limited places to 8 people ensure individual feedback.