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    Our tailor-made media training is based on over 20 years TV and media experience. With The Presenter Studio you’ll work with the TV Producers who have produced some of the biggest names in broadcasting. Our success rate is exceptional and our reputation is unrivalled. If you want the best in media training we can help.

    Media training can often do far more harm than good, and this is because there is in fact no ‘one-fits-all’ rule to being good on camera. So we’ll work with you very closely to make sure you come across in the most engaging way possible.

    The Presenter Studio works directly with business leaders, politicians, sports stars, journalists and musicians to bring the discipline and creative approach of television to your world.

    We offer group and 1 to 1 coaching.

    media training
    We Can Work With You ON A One-To-One Basis Or Also Hold Group Sessions…

We are the UK's leading company in delivering bespoke 1-to-1 and group media training and presenter coaching programmes.  We are the only company to help you realise and develop your 'personal brand' whilst ensuring it works with both the brand of your business and your customer.  

We will design a media training and presenter coaching programme to suit your needs and the needs of your business.  This programme is based on your goals and also our own intensive research on your business...

You'll work with the Producers who have worked with some of the biggest names in broadcasting and business. We’ll teach you our secrets that we have developed in over 20 years in the media business.

And our clients work with us for a whole range of reasons - from wanting to raise their media profile, to hosting effective webinars, to creating and filming impactful personal or corporate videos for their business and website.  

And if you want to maximise your media potential we can help you realise your goals and potential and help you understand where the opportunities are.  


We have grown a long list of successful clients, from businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Clients who wanted to maximise their media potential have appeared on BBC NEWS, SKY NEWS, ABC America, ITN, Channel 4 News, ITV, BBC’s Question Time, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY1, More 4, TLC, BBC Radio, Al Jazeera TV, Red Bull TV, and International presentations.  Others have grown both their social media presence, and their businesses.  Check out our client testimonials to read what our clients have said about their experience with us.


We have Produced TV’s biggest programmes from BBC NEWS to entertainment shows like Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor to Documentaries to Features. We know how the media and TV works, so you can trust us to help you get the most out of your media experience.

A Producer is the person who is hired to ‘Produce’ the Presenter – writing their scripts, giving them direction, making sure they come across in the best way possible. So we'll work with you in a similar way.  We are experts at making 'you' look good - from what you say to how to say it.  

Your script is one of the most important things to consider.  We are experts in script writing, and how to get your message across in a way that feels natural and also impactful.  So before we get to the coaching bit, we'll also help you understand scripts and how they work best for you.  


Our media training programmes are very much personality driven, and your personality is the key to your success. So we don't have a 'one rule fits all' approach to presentation coaching...We treat each client as an individual, even in our group sessions, as the more natural, genuine and honest you come across the better you’ll come across. We understand how being the face of your business is now commonplace for many businesses, and so we’ll help you maximise your potential.


In order for you to come across in the best way possible you need to think about yourself as a 'unique personality' – it’s what we call your 'personal brand'.  We'll help you find and develop your own personal style, language and brand that works for you and your business.  

Audience’s are now very wise to people who have been ‘media trained’.  Media training can often do more harm than good, as it's too generic and too sterile.  In order for you to be successful your customer wants a personal message from a person that they can both connect and identify with - and we can help you do just that.  

We are experts and market leaders in helping you realise and develop your personal brand to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of being ‘media trained’.


You need to reflect the brand that you are representing. If you look at the likes of Richard Branson and Virgin or Kelly Hoppen they are both the personification of their brand, and that's why they work so well.  Everything from the language you choose to use, to what you wear to how you stand gives off an ‘image’ – and you need to make sure it’s the one you want to portray.  So before we start working with you in a practical, we'll also chat through ane examine your business giving you feedback on your corporate message, social media, website and customer.  And we'll also discuss with you   


We’ll train you in the rules of the media game – how to structure your pieces to camera, how to deal with scripts, how to talk to time, how to answer questions and how to get what you want out of an interview…and if you want to create online corporate videos we'll create content that is on brand, on message and unique to you.  

Being the face of your business is now commonplace for many businesses, and the media is a really exciting place. So we’ll ensure you maximise both your potential and media experience.

We work with anyone of all levels of experience - for both TV and online content.  We’ve worked with everyone from international sports stars like Colin Jackson and Mark Webber to entertainments biggest presenters like Claudia Winkleman and Christine Bleakley to Executive Directors of major corporations like The Prudential, to lawyers, to journalists for The Mirror, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and New York Times, to medical professionals…


We work with top brands like ASOS, Prudential Insurance, Red Bull, Porsche Racing, National Pharmacy Association, Virgin Business, Simpson Millar Solicitors, Lush Cosmetics, No.1 Rosemary Water, GQ Magazine, British Vogue, ADT Direct, marketing agencies like WCRS and many high profile celebrities and sports stars.

And we also work with smaller businesses who want to create content for their websites - lawyers, solictors, interior designers, builders, restaurants, bars...

“They are fun but super professional to work with. I learnt a lot in a short space of time, cheers!”
Mark Webber, Porsche

“Look no further if you want to learn about the skills of TV and video presentation. They were a terrific team doing a terrific job. Many thanks.”
Dan Evans, The Telegraph

“They have the ability to get the best out of people with fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and a personable and insightful approach.”
Naina Parmar, BBC News

“I wish I'd done this years ago. I will definitely be recommending you! Thanks loads.”
Bonita Norris, Red Bull TV

“It was fantastic. I’d recommend this to anyone.”

“I am now so much more confident.”
National Pharmacy Association

“Thanks so much for all the great training." 
No.1 Rosemary Water  

“You guys were an absolute pleasure.  And we learnt so much and are now media ready.”
Lush Cosmetics

“Some great sessions with great learning.”

“Thankyou for delivering such an excellent course. It filled us with as much knowledge as it did excitement.  Your passion shines through.  Seriously well done!”
ADT Direct


Meet Us

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    Working With Gareth And Leon

    gareth davies
    leon campbell

    Our tailor-made media coaching is based on over 20 years experience. And we are experts in bringing out your personality, making sure it is both personal to you and works with the brand you represent.

    Gareth Davies and Leon Campell are two of the UK’s most successful TV Producers. They have worked with TV’s biggest presenters - Dermot O’Leary, Claudia Winkleman, David Beckham, Zoe Ball, Raymond Blanc, Rylan Clarke, Christine Bleakley…so we know what makes a good personality.

    They have worked with all the major TV channels in the UK – BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and SKY.

    And they’ve been trusted to work with some of the worlds most successful brands and their employees – Virgin Business, AOL, Prudential Plc, Red Bull, Porsche, ASOS...

    So if you want the best in media training we can help.

    leon campbell

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